+49 med

Creating a dialogue in the healthcare market.

We are the first port of call for effective dialogue with healthcare professionals, and take pharmaceutical sales to a new level of success.

Closer relationships. Greater value.

The multi-channel managers of +49 med exemplify effective dialogue and valuable relationships with doctors and pharmacists. They orchestrate all relevant and necessary channels in a useful way, thus enabling the target group the type of communication that they desire, which is of course on equal terms.

We integrate all channels into our successful multi-channel models by using the opportunities provided by digitisation with your resulting opportunities for dialogue – with your future sales in mind!

+49 med’s service is unrivalled – whether a hybrid tandem system with field sales, via audio or video telephony, app or social media – with more than 50.000 doctor engagements per month and experience in over 50 indications.

Our goal: Sales-orientated dialogue on equal terms, taking into account the channel preferences of the respective target group, within the framework of a close relationship and always for the patient’s benefit.

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50.000+ contacts with doctors each month.

Experience in over 50 indication areas.

For significantly higher revenue.

Genuine values

We act fairly and responsibly. For greater humanity.

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High standards

We are thoroughly inspected – regularly and independently.

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