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We provide alternative and successful distribution – bespoke, with emotional commitment and an individual approach. Our strength? A trusted relationship with our customers, clients, doctors, patients and, of course, all of our employees.

The healthcare industry is an exciting growth market and, with its attractive earning and training opportunities, +49 med is an ideal employer.

If you would also like to work in our dialogue manufactury in Berlin or Potsdam, have a look at our career portal and find out which positions are currently vacant.

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Questions our applicants often ask

What is the company culture of +49 med?

Our employees work in a future-oriented industry and conduct business in an exciting and challenging occupational field with numerous opportunities for development. We operate in an extraordinarily collegial atmosphere, flat hierarchical structures and streamlined decision-making paths. Our professional and high-quality conduct towards our clients as well as on the job market play a very important role in our daily work.

We are a group of companies which first arose out of its motivated and productive employees – and which is still growing. Love of the work, autonomy and the personal passion to build on a successful business idea are the characteristics that define our workforce and which have made the good healthcare group so successful.

Why are our employees so happy and motivated? An open, supportive atmosphere and systems that work is our guarantee for well being! You work in a high-quality, modern and individual workplace where your efforts are recognised and acknowledged every day.

What can I expect at +49 med?

+49 med is an innovative communications agency based in Berlin and Potsdam. Founded in 2012, together with in//touch, patient+ and cso+, it is part of a highly qualified network that implements customised sales concepts for the healthcare industry.

Whether on or offline: we support medical target groups on behalf of our clients on various channels and always at the same high level, in accordance with the highest scientific standards. The regular, independent audits of our management systems and the associated certifications, as well as first-class employee training options guarantee the highest quality of the services we provide.

You can expect technically challenging tasks with creative possibilities in a future-oriented industry, regular working hours without night shifts, intensive induction phases, career and personality development by means of training options, and also attractive compensation and bonus models.

What is the good healthcare group exactly?

Founded in 2015, our alliance now comprises more than 600 healthcare specialists.

All members of the good healthcare group, including in//touch, the +49 med, patient+ and cso+ are independent of one another but work together for mutual benefit. In this way, we pool expertise and, depending on the project, avoid long communication routes and time-consuming discussions. Members know one another well and they know what competences each one brings.

On behalf of our customers from the healthcare industry we work out sales strategies and we support doctors and patients with unique concepts. Our external and internal service teams support one another to provide optimum customer care. We use all communications channels, e.g. telephone, email, fax and video-telephony, to support doctors and patients at the times and in the ways which they prefer.

What employee benefits does working at +49 med entail?

We value your work and especially your health. We want you to feel at your best with us so we create optimum working conditions from the start.

We also thank you regularly for your work because appreciation cannot be expressed often enough. We give something back in the form of our company pension scheme, a focused health package, exclusive employee benefits and bonus systems. And we hold regular events to support social contact within our team.

What knowledge do I need at +49 med?

Both German law and our clients only allow for groups of people with expertise in accordance with Section 75 AMG (German Medicines Law) to work as multi-channel managers in the office at the good healthcare group. This includes certified pharmaceutical representatives and pharmaceutical consultants; PTAs, MTAs, BTAs, CTAs (m/f), as well as biologists, chemists and human and veterinary physicians.

Furthermore, strong communication skills and an independent and open way of working play an important role in the sales segment.

Working in project teams also requires a high level of team spirit and excellent social skills.

Is part-time employment available?

Absolutely! We want to give our employees the option to unite their jobs and their families and to create a harmonious work-life Balance.

How do I apply?

We look forward to receiving your application. You will find all our vacancies on career portal.
We prefer you to make initial contact via our online application form. You will find this included in the adverts for vacant positions. And we will, of course, look at your application promptly.